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We understand the challenges companies face when navigating the complexities of R&D, where traditional methods of screening and selecting microorganisms for biological products are both time-consuming and costly. At Elytron, we're poised to revolutionize your approach, turning these challenges into opportunities for product development advancement

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Discover Acceleration
through our
SEE Platform

Screening, characterization and identification of your strains and/or derivatives bank

  • 1- Streamlining Your Biological Product Pipeline: We specialize in accelerating your biological product pipeline through efficient strain bank screening and characterization. This translates to maximizing the value of every R&D dollar spent, offering more robust data while reducing the need for empirical validation, thus saving both costs and time.

  • 2- Uncovering Novel Modes of Action: Our innovative approach leads to the discovery of novel modes of action, providing your company with a competitive edge in market positioning and differentiation.


  • 3- Enhancing Portfolio Synergy: Explore the complementary nature of biologicals with your existing portfolio of crop protection chemistries or other bio-based products. This synergy opens up avenues for cross-selling capabilities, maximizing your market reach and potential.

  • 4- Fueling Growth in Biological Solutions: Enrich your company's biological portfolio with new solutions for biocontrol, biostimulation, and bionutrition. By expanding into new markets, we help you capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

For more information, contact us:

Federico Ocampo, CSO

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